Week 2 Lobby Development Status Report

Accomplished Tasks during week 2:

1. Completion of demolition was accomplished.
2. Installation of light fixtures started as scheduled
3. Crew met with architect to confirm location of bench framing wall.
4. AQ provided new bench granite samples to architect.
5. Change order for ceiling supports installation was approved

Upcoming Tasks for week 3:

1. Selection of granite samples from architect.
2. Continue with light fixture installation
3. Start framing for bench and bench wall per architect’s instructions

Week 1 Lobby Development Status Report

Accomplished Tasks during week 1:
1. Work began  on October 16th, 2018.

2. A pre-construction meeting took place on October 16th, with the following team members
 Julian Hunt from Hunt Laudi Studio
 Alex Dicaprio from the condominium board.
 Carl Albert from City Lights Realty Group.
 Vicente Aquino from AQ Contractors.

3. AQ Contractors completed the demolition of column covers and metal wall panels.

4. AQ Contractors started the demolition on light fixtures on Thursday. This task is expected to be completed by Tuesday, October 23rd

5. AQ Contractors met with the master electrician on site to assess the scope of work.

6. AQ Contractors met with the granite vendor to obtain samples and assess the scope of work.

Upcoming Tasks for week 2:
1. Continue with the demolition of light fixtures.
2. Start with the framing of bench and bench walls.
3. Patch holes in ceiling left after removal of recessed lights.
4. Start with the installation of light fixtures.

Lobby Redesign

Residents of HOC; We are excited to receive confirmation from the contractor that demolition and renovation of the lobby will initiate in early october and run through the entire month.   The board is working with the contractor to ensure impacts are minimized as much as possible to residents during construction. Please do not hesitate to reach out to the board or CL if you have any questions of concerns during this period.

Thank you!

4th of July

All are reminded that, on the 4th of July,  all residents and visitors celebrating on the Heights of Columbia rooftop are to follow the rooftop rules which are enforced to make sure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience.  All are reminded that (1) fireworks are not allowed on the rooftop (sparklers are okay), (2) please do not bring glass on to the roof — plastic cups are available at the front desk if you do not have any, and (3) trash should be disposed of properly and not left on the rooftop.

Have a happy and safe 4th of July!

Garage Power Washing 6/26 – 6/28

Please be advised that the garage is scheduled for interior pressure washing.

All residents are advised to remove all vehicles and belongings that are stored in the parking space to avoid damage and/or ensure personal items are stored in sealed plastic bins. The association, nor contractor, shall be held responsible for any personal items that are left during the pressure washing.

Note: There is a possibility that residual water may seep through the P-1 level and to P-2, while it is not required, it is advised that all residents remove their vehicle(s) from the garage for the duration of the garage pressure washing.

Wednesday June 27th: The P-1 Garage level will be pressure washed. All vehicles that park on P-1 will need make alternate parking arrangements. Your vehicle will need to be out of the garage by 9AM.

Thursday June 28th: The P-2 Garage level will be pressure washed. All vehicles that park on P-2 will need make alternate parking arrangements. Your vehicle will need to be out of the garage by 9AM.

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Annual Association Meeting 12/20/17 @ 6:30pm

Residents, Please be aware that the yearly association meeting is scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday December 20th, at 6:30pm in the lobby.

To close out the required annual association meeting, the board needs at least 35% of the association present or represented via proxy.  To pass the bylaw amendments there must be at least 67% of the association in favor of the change(s).  Votes will be collected during the meeting, and throughout the week, via the online voting system.

If you are unable to attend please contact the front desk or City Lights for a proxy form. A member of the board can represent your proxy if you do not have a specific resident you want to leave your proxy with; otherwise you may vote online.  Please note, voting online will NOT count towards the number of association members required for quorum. Please plan to be present or represented via proxy.

If you have any issues with online voting, or the proxy form, please contact City Lights.

Welcome to the new Heights of Columbia website!

Welcome to the new Heights of Columbia (HOC) website.  This site is designed to give current residents insight into pertinent building information quickly and easily.

This site will provide digital meeting minutes, rules/regulations, and contact forms to facilitate resident awareness and participation in the buildings continued growth and change.

Please feel free to reach out to us regarding any comments or suggestions that you may have to help us continue bettering our community